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Our Goal is to provide 20000 meals for children living in situations of extreme vulnerability.


visit our program at:


Join us and support  our triple impact ptroyect: social, evairomental and economical impact in relegated communities.


- Forestation proyects that contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and the net Zero Carbon footprint.


- Prodcuts that contrubute with the education of kids  living under  severely disadvantageous conditions.


- In colaboration with social organization OPC we promote the inclusion of peopple wiht disabilites.


- Supoort young  entreprenuer proyects from underdeveloped countries, seeking to reverse the wave of young people who emigrate from their countries, leaving behind their roots, carrears and their families.


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Price Options
One-time purchase
weekly contribution
1 meal per week
$4,66every week for 12 weeks
Monthly support
1 meal per month
$4,66every month for 12 months
Every 15 days
meal support
$4,66every 2 weeks for 24 weeks
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