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Luigi Bosca Icono is a garnet red wine with deep black shades. It is ample in the nose, with blueberry and cherry aromas and floral notes, after which we can perceive spices that are reminiscent of cloves, aniseed and vanilla, in addition to a pleasant ripe tobacco leaves aftertaste. It is meaty, ample in the palate, with tannins and a balanced acidity that makes it elegant, harmonious and round. It is rich in floral and roasted pepper flavors, with mineral and earthy reminiscences. It has a very long and complex finish in the mouth, with a vast touch of ripe fruit, tea leaves and smoked game meat.


TECHNICAL SHEET Variety: Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon. Agronomists: Engineer Alberto Arizu Sr. / Engineer Juan Sola. Description of the terroir Climate: Continental climate, with a wide range of temperature between day and night, and well-defined seasons which contribute to a good growth of the vines. The altitude and its microclimate are ideal for the grapes since they provide a unique character. Many hours of good sunlight. Soil and vine: The parcel 41 (Malbec) and the 51 (Cabernet Sauvignon) of Finca Los Nobles have been selected for Icono. Both have a light natural tilt and high density of plants per hectare (6,600). No chemical herbicides are used at the vineyard, and biodynamic practices are implemented for its care and treatment.

Luigi Bosca

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